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Some people have been requesting that I post more of my FOB doodles. 

So yeah! Purple Joe and Hat-less Patrick! 

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Max and Josh from You Me At Six and Derek of Mayday Parade.

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Patrick Stump
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Give me a sign, I wanna believe

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@brendonurie: There's a squirrel in a tree staring back at me. Will he try and attack or will he let me be? #morning #poetry #beautiful
[ bands + instagram: 4/??? ]
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spookyscaryfreethesoul asked: Michael whipped his entire torso around

I’m imagining so many short stories with this. Mostly one where a guy turns around so fast that the top half of him falls off. (I blame AHS for that..)

Thank you for sending me one

Kansas City, MØ

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Anonymous asked: top


do i like them: nope not at all

have i ever seen them live: 0 times 

favorite band member: i dont know? like the guitar player?

favorite album:  regional vessel or something?

favorite song: car screen??

favorite music video: house of blood or something??

favorite lyrics: stay street 

send me bands

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a new ask meme: go to my ask and paste the last thing you copied and send it to me without any explanation

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