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i’m so happy

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what can be better his smiles

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2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Rehearsals

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5/100 favourite pictures of Frank Iero for anon

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I like mindless self indulgence but I just feel as they curse too much for my liking :/


so many stars in the sky
and I dont know why
they always have to fall on me.

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~twenty one pilots piano masterpost~


so a couple of you mentioned that you’d like a masterpost of twenty one pilots sheet music so I did a bit of digging and found a handful of free sheets made by some lovely folks who I credited when I could. I also included all the tutorial videos I could find for songs without sheets and some…

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do you ever just get mad because you’re spending your only teenage years feeling like you want to jump off a cliff while other people are having the time of their lives and being in love and just being good at things and you’re just kind of there

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Paper Art, Maude White

and I didn’t want to cut out bat silhouettes 





Using y = mx + b to measure the slope of that ass

Mathematically incorrect. Unless the ass was linear, but that’s biologically incorrect. You’d probably wanna use something like y=ax^2+bx+c because the ass is a second degree polynomial curve. 

did you major in booty math

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fight it; take the pain, ignite it (x)

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